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New development: SlimPlate Line®


The new SlimPlate Line® was officially delivered and is now successful deployed in the customer production facility in austria. Decades of experience in surface treatment has been introduced and LUDY Galvanosysteme GmbH filed serveral patents for the new technologie.

Simultaneously the productivity and the plant safety could be increased and the environmental impact is reduced.

This type of system can be flexible for smal and large volumes, ie for the galvanic deposition of copper or as nickel-gold plant.

Also the eductorsystem has been optimized, wich ensures to have a 100-fold verical til 580-fold horizontal circulation at the galvanised parts. Thus a 2.3 to 4.0-fold higher current density is obtained.

Another highlight of the system is the drying of the printed curcuit boards. Instead of a 12kW air dryer LUDY Galvanosysteme invented the drainage (patent pending). The drainage system operates in normal room temperatures (23°C) and the electrical power input is per m² parts only 2.1 kW. The current use at the same drying time is only 1 / 6th, lower investment costs, lower energy costs as a big saving potential for the customer.



SlimPlat Line® for high-technology requirements

as a novel, innovative small plant concept.

Wide range of applications in the areas oft he surface and barrel plating

Decorative coatings – corrision protection – microelectronics –

PCB – jewlery and watch industry – 3 MID technology


Versatility - flexibly designable for many areas of

  • Conventional electrochemical plating
  • Selective coatings with upstream part separation (on request)
  • Thick copper and fine line technology in the PCB coating
  • Vibration technology for micro parts of microelectronics and watchmaking Industries

Modular design – standardized from high-quality plastic / stainless steel

  • Bayable modules / reduce capital costs by up to 30%
  • Reduced space requirement for installation area
  • Reduced ongoing energy and maintenance costs
  • Maintenance and Handling minimization in all chemical processes

Increased capacity – available as double or quad flight bar

  • Reduce cycle time by optimizing the travel and lift speeds
  • Energy efficient linar acutators for driving and lifting movement ( + / - 0.5 mm accuracy)

Electrolyte movement – improved environmental performance (emissions – energy efficiency)

  • Flow for electroforming up to 0.02mm and spacing of ≤60 microns
  • Eductorsystem for a 580 – fold vertical flow for improved surface coating
  • Eductorsystem for a 100 – fold horizontal flow for a improved micro- and deep coatings (Patent pending)
  • Maximized mass transfer in the boundary layer metal / electrolyte
  • Allows incread current densities from 5 to 8 fold compared to conventional processes
  • RPP an DC electrolytes having extremely high current densities up to 20 ampere / dm²

Exhaust air technology – energy efficient design

  • Improved environmental performance by operating without air injection
  • Consisently installed cover plates (minimization of aerosols)
  • Effectiveness of the ventilation units is thereby significantly increased
  • Cleanroom equitable design is possible

Drainage – environmentally friendly energy saving drying

  • The innovative drainage works as an alternating air conduction at room temperature (patent pending)
  • Power consumption is only 2,1 kW / m² panel space
  • Only 12% energy costs compared to conventional drying technology
  • Especially for products with hollow body geometries (holes, threads, interiors)

Risk- and valuation analysis – inclusive user manual

  • Recast of the "machine directive" DIN 2006/42 EC, on 09.06.2006 in the official EU Journal (L157)
  • For electrical engineering, European standard EN 62305-5 as a necessity
  • Statics of the tanks "designed according to DIN DVS 2205" Water resource act (WHG 19 L Anh 40) of the german water law

Special technical data 

  • Adaptable to allmost all processes
  • Number of transport units (hoists) varies between 3-6 units (cycle time <5min)
  • Plant length up to 25 meters due to the modular linear actuators (vmax = 50m/min)
  • Lifting drives as a linear axis up to 1,5 meters and a maximum load of 60kg (vmax = 3 m/min)
  • Vibration woth optimized lambda control curves for the enhancement of intensity
  • automated dimming according to product geometry (eg different PCB formats)
  • Fully automated loading and unloading possible after examination