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Note: funding for the new plant

The technology offered by us can be supported under the regional people and technology promotion in the respective province and the federal government. The possible contribution is about 50 percent. This is to be determined in the context of a more detailed examination of your home.

EU regional and tangible support

  • Environmental investments
  • Energy (saving) investment
  • Research and development


Notice on the energy programs (electroplating and sewage system)

  • Measures for energy conservation and optimization
  • Optimization of the electrical load improvement (on and off)
  • Heat exchangers in air currents / return to the office
  • Basic use of push - pull systems
  • Use of waste air and washing water to the heat exchanger
  • Galvanic manufacturing process, optimizing the contact resistances from 20 to 3 volts
  • Cover the heated tank in the production run
  • Optimize and extend bath temperature heating <12h
  • Limit lightning to 300 lux, according to DIN 5035
  • Introduction of a thermal imaging camera within the production