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A novel method and appliance for drying electroplated (Patent granted), called drainage, LUDY created another innovative milestone in plant engineering.

The major benefit of drainage compared to the circulation driers been conventionally used, essentially consists in that, the energy consumption and therefore energy costs were dropped by a multiple. The adherence drilling fluid on the parts is discharged by dehumidified dry air.

This process air is treated in an external drainage-unit. The special feature of this drainage is the innovative alternating air duct at ambient temperature at the material to be treated. It is designed in such a way that through-holes having a large aspect ratio, such as 1:16, to be dehumidified quickly.

The environmentally friendly drainage of PCB´s e.g., carried out at ambient temperature of about 23 °C.  Thus, the electrical power input is, based on a product space of 1 m², only 2,1 kW. This energy expenditure is approximately 12 % compared to the energy input of a conventional dryer, because the air is not heated so much.