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Single RobiLine

yask-01We offer the next generation and the technology of tomorrow

Compact autmatic systems for loading and offloading with integrated quality control

Modular fully automatic loading and offloading systems with image recognition, such as hooks and racks to be processed parts with subsequent quality assurance that are used as production islands directly to the production lines in the manufacturing sector. This RobiLine individual module wich can be adapted exactly to the production without redundancy condition aviods the consideable logistic expenses.


You can change this, with the automation system Single RobiLine



Benefits and Features - considered technologically

Compact system as modulated flexible use

  • Fully automatic loading and offloading systems with image recognition for hooks and racks (triangle)
  • Standardization of loading and offloading the rack technology and EURO stacking container.
  • Vibration elements in the robot arm (head) nsure precise and difficult feeding operations
  • Standardized robot - control DX100 features tactile hand-pull" effect as well as the minimal spring force to move, as a highly sensitive "pressure-pull method"
  • Smallest footprint standardization than 2,250 x 2,250 x 2,180 mm (truck dimensions)
  • Complete pre-assembly, commissioning, trial production and decrease at LUDY home
  • Expansion of production storage and buffer stations or roller conveyors
  • Very high reliability and availability of >90% by standardizing



Benefits and Features - versatile considered

Modular and standardization as a fundamental design

  • Changes in the compactness with minimal cost (robi-programming)
  • Control DX100 features a collision detection and ease of use
  • Freely selectable stages of development and rapid conversion phases and fast job changes
  • Analysis of investment segments with respect to the capacity / constraints / retrofit / calculable
  • Standardized solutions of extensibility in modules / storage / packaging etc
  • Coordination of logistics (example Paternoster - production successes - packaging - quality - assurance
  • Can be designed as a clean room (clean room ISO value 3-5)
  • Central and time-saving maintenance, service and support provided by internet service



Benefits and features - an economic perspective

Modular and standardization as an economic necessity

  • We also offer attractive financing, rental and leasing models up to 3 years
  • Application and function guarantee, to acceptance and transfer of the system
  • Very low investment costs through modular units and standardization
  • Long-term investment security by consolidation into a lmp sum
  • Clear budgeting before the investment by a module and extension pricelist
  • Short payback period of 3 year to the total investment in 3- shift operations
  • Arbitrary pre-calculated extension and capacity levels as well as rapid changeover phases
  • Spare parts and hotline service within the warranty period 24h (after service contracts)